The Federation of the Islamic Associations of New Zealand also known as FIANZ was set up in 1979

Fianz 1979

FIANZ plays an important and valuable role in caring for the many and varied interests of the New Zealand Muslims. FIANZ is an apex body guiding the New Zealand Muslims in the promotion of religious, social, educational, cultural and economic activities in accordance with the principles of Islam as enshrined in the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah. FIANZ endeavors to build better understanding between the Muslim community and the various ethnic and religious communities in New Zealand so as to live harmoniously and cohesively for better life for all.

FIANZ’s other primary functions include:

  1. Fostering good relations between the Muslim community living in New Zealand and all other New Zealand citizens.
  2. Help Muslims living in New Zealand integrate well into the local society.
  3. Promote New Zealand meat exports to Muslim countries and Muslim consumers in non-Muslim countries by providing Halal certification services and standards.
  4. Promote the interests and enhance the effectiveness of the regional Muslim Associations in New Zealand with a view to cooperate and co-exist well with other ethnic groups in New Zealand.
  5. Maintaining a high standard of Islamic practice and to undertake welfare and educational activities.
  6. Develop and maintain good relations with the diplomatic community in Wellington and Canberra and other international organizations like the World Muslim League, the Arab League and the Islamic Development Bank.

The Council of FIANZ comprising 18 voting members are represented by the 7 Regional Associations, is the overall decision-making body and is responsible for the formulation of policies. The Council comprises the President of FIANZ and his 6 Executives and some Non-Voting Members. Elections are held every two years to decide on the make-up of the FIANZ Council Members and Executive leadership.

FIANZ Constituents

The Federation of the Islamic Associations of New Zealand also known as FIANZ was set up in 1979 through the affiliation of the following 7 Regional Associations:

  • New Zealand Muslim Association Incorporated (NZMA), Auckland
  • South Auckland Muslim Association Incorporated (SAMA), Auckland
  • Waikato Muslim Association Incorporated (WMA), Hamilton
  • Manawatu Muslim Association Incorporated (MMA), Palmerston North
  • The International Muslim Association of New Zealand Incorporated (IMAN), Wellington
  • Muslim Association of Canterbury Incorporated (MAC), Christchurch
  • Otago Muslim Association Incorporated (OMA), Dunedin