FIANZ Halal Decision Committee

FIANZ Halal is responsible for and retains authority for its decisions relating to certification through developed certification decision committee.

Decision committee of FIANZ Halal comprises;
  1. Director
  2. Member of Halal Islamic Affair Expert Committee
  3. Member of Technical Experts
  4. Halal Operations Manager
  5. Auditor (Independent of particular audit)

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Director and Halal Operation Manager review the technicalities and functionalities of the Halal audit report and submit their opinion
  • Auditor (not involved in the auditing process) reviews the technical research of the Halal Audit report
  • Halal Islamic Affairs Experts review the audit and finding reports in the light of Islamic guidelines
  • This Committee has the final authority for decision making of Halal Product certification
  • Decision committee is restricted to abide by all rules and procedures of FIANZ Halal and properly authorize the Halal Audit Reports after the decision
  • Decision will be taken unanimously not by the majority of votes