FIANZ Halal Go-Green Initiative

FIANZ Halal is taking following initiatives to Go-Green:

  1. More Plants and Trees in office and Houses to create an Eco-friendly environment
  2. Use of 100% Re-cycle Material for all the new stationery collaterals
  3. Encouraging the use of 1 color printing
  4. Installation of Energy efficient LED lights
  5. Implementing a switch off campaign for lights and office equipment
  6. Encouraging to Buy organic products and fair trade teas and coffees
  7. Implementing default double sided printing.
  8. Setup of printer friendly email signature for all staff
  9. Use non-hazardous and Eco-friendly cleaning products
  10. Encourage staff to use scrap paper for internal notes by giving each staff member a scrap paper box in their desk
  11. and the list will keep growing.....