FIANZ Halal is a wholly-owned division of FIANZ Inc. and was established solely to provide certification services to halal-certified meat plants and other halal providers in New Zealand. FIANZ Halal is fulfilling all of its legal and Islamic requirements as it is a Muslim entity.

FIANZ Halal is operating as per its pre-defined procedures and protocols. The personnel have profound understanding of the proper supply of Halal services throughout New Zealand and to all nations through complying with all Halal Islamic requirements.

FIANZ Halal has taken appropriate steps to ensure that Islamic responsibilities are properly implemented in their all activities as they have sufficient Muslim Halal Auditors, Halal Islamic Affairs Expert with authority and responsibility along with other committee members and representatives for the Halal audit, review, and decisions to Halal certification. FIANZ Halal is wholly responsible for its certification decisions.

Our Prinicipal functions are:
  • The administration of halal certification and maintenance of halal standards and practices to enable the successful promotion of New Zealand halal meat exports to Muslim countries and Muslim consumers throughout the world
  • Liaison with the New Zealand meat industry, exporters and overseas halal importing authorities
  • Selection and supervision of halal slaughtermen

FIANZ Halal provides Halal Certification as per the following internationally approved standards;
  • GSO.UAE.S 2055-1:2015 - Halal Products- Part one: General Requirements for Halal Food
  • GSO.UAE.S 993:2015 - Animal Slaughtering Requirements According to Islamic Rules
  • Ministry of Primary Industries of New Zealand (MPI) approved Code of Practices as per required food sector auditing
  • Ministry of Primary Industries of New Zealand (MPI) approved General Export Requirements for Halal Dairy Material and Halal Dairy Products
  • MS 2424:2012 - Malaysian Standard for Halal Pharmaceuticals
  • MS 1500:2009 - Malaysian Standard for Halal Food Production, Preparation, Handling and Storage
  • And/or sector schemes' series of documents as per client and accreditation body requirement

FIANZ Halal Team

Sultan Eusoff

Chief Executive Officer

Imad Yousuf

Accounts & Administration Manager

Nurul Syafizan

Quality Co-ordinator

Maksud Patel

Certificate Issuance Officer

FIANZ Halal Auditors