FIANZ Working Divisions

FIANZ has a comprehensive structure designed to enable FIANZ to undertake community and other activities in accordance with its objectives and stakeholder interests. The structure is comprised of the following, Executive, Council, Ulema Board, Constituents, Secretariat and ten working divisions, which include five committees.

The responsibilities of the Working Divisions and Ulema Board are detailed below.


Ulema (Religious Advisory) Board

  • Regular meetings of Ulema
  • Issuing of fatwa and opinions
  • Resolving religious issues
  • Helping to maintain the religious focus of FIANZ


Halal Comittee

  • Sighting of new moon
  • Confirming Ramadhan, Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha dates
  • Nationwide salat timetable


Halal Food Committee

  • Setting standards for Halal Food
  • Advising FIANZ on the range of acceptable processed food
  • Technical information on food additives and preservatives
  • Liaison with the New Zealand Meat Industry


National Affairs

  • Liaison with New Zealand Government
  • Liaison with the media
  • Cooperation between various local associations


International Affairs

  • Contacts with various Islamic organisations overseas
  • Current world issues concerning Muslims
  • Maintain contact with diplomats of Muslim countries in New Zealand
  • Facilitate lecture tours by world-renowned Muslim scholars / teachers


Trade & Development

  • Halal certification of meat and other processed food products
  • Promotion of Halal standards locally and internationally
  • Halal food exhibitions
  • Diversification of FIANZ income streams
  • Development of trading and investment opportunities


Investment & Funding

  • Assist in establishing Masajid & Islamic Centres
  • Raise funds for overseas charitable organisations
  • Collect funds on behalf of Muslim relief organisations
  • Support Muslim organisations to establish community projects



  • Training camps for youth
  • Distribution of leaflets & other Islamic material
  • Organising talks and interfaith dialogue
  • Islamic exhibitions
  • Distribution of copies of various translations of The Holy Qur'an
  • Address the needs of the newcomers to Islam
  • Islam Awareness Week
  • Stakeholder's Forum