Halal Islamic Affairs Committee


Halal Islamic Affairs Committee Functions:

  • The monitoring of audits and validation of certificates retrospectively in accordance with the requirements of the FIANZ Halal Limited procedures and as specified by the accreditation body.
  • Reviewing any refusals to issue certificates in cases of applicant companies failing to meet the criteria.
  • Reviewing certificates issued on a regular basis and decision committee functioning.
  • Reviewing the issuance of Halal certificates and control of it through any branch offices (if available).
  • Mediation in respect of any applicant or certified organisation's appeal.
  • Providing advice, guidance related to Halal certification process and decisions concerning sharia issues.
  • Evaluate the certificates that have been issued and to ensure commitment to halal requirements in Islamic sharia and take decisions unanimously.

Abed Ali Ahmed Hafeji

Halal Islamic Affairs Expert

+64 21 054 794

Sheikh Amjad Ali

Halal Islamic Affairs Expert

+64 21 624 786

Khalil Nadat

Halal Islamic Affairs Expert

+64 22 671 6102