FIANZ Halal Decision Committee

Decision committee of FIANZ Halal comprises:

FIANZ Halal is responsible for and retains authority for its decisions relating to certification through developed certification decision committee.

Halal Operations Manager

Head ( QA & RM)/MR

Two Members of Halal Islamic Affair Expert Committee

Roles and Responsibilities:

Director and Halal Operation Manager review the technicalities and functionalities of the Halal audit report and submit their opinion

Auditor (not involved in the auditing process) reviews the technical research of the Halal Audit report

Halal Islamic Affairs Experts review the audit and finding reports in the light of Islamic guidelines

This Committee has the final authority for decision making of Halal Product certification

Decision committee is restricted to abide by all rules and procedures of FIANZ Halal and properly authorize the Halal Audit Reports after the decision

Decision will be taken unanimously not by the majority of votes