FIANZ Introductory Halal Meat Course (FIHMC)

Meat Industry in New Zealand contributes to around 5% of total employment and over NZD 4 Billion as household income from the industry. Halal meat industry being a significant contributing segment in the New Zealand meat industry is looking to have a competent workforce with right knowledge and skills.
FIANZ being a pioneer in Halal certification industry has always contributed to support and uplift Halal industry in any way possible.
FIANZ Training Academy has introduced this course for all new entrants in Halal meat workforce who require introductory knowledge as a pre-requisite for employment. This course will entail key aspects for a Halal Slaughter-person and a Quality Assurance professional.

What you will learn?

This is a theoretical course which encompasses:

Introduction to requirements for Halal Slaughter person to operate in a Halal meat processing industry.

Introduction to requirements of Islamic Law (Shariah) and animal welfare in the context of Halal meat processing.

Introduction to various relevant regulations including Animal products, Health & safety etc.

Overview to audit and certification of primary Halal food processing and products.

What you will achieve?

At the successful completion of this training you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION which can be presented as evidence of having introductory knowledge of Halal meat processing industry.

  • Our Trainers

    FIANZ Training Academy has a panel of experienced trainers with in-depth knowledge and competence regarding Halal meat industry and its processes.

  • Financial cost

    This training is FREE OF COST to support and uplift the talent in Halal meat industry in New Zealand.

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01 Day

Note: Limited seats are available, applicants will be enrolled on First come First serve basis.

Date Location Deadline for Enrolment
23rd January 2021
12th January, 2021
23rd January 2021
12th January, 2021
23rd January 2021
12th January, 2021