The Concept of Halal Meat in Islam

The Concept of Halal Meat in Islam

Islam is a divine religion revealed by Almighty Allah. It’s rules are:

‘The lawful is clear and the unlawful is clear’ (saying of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.). No human being can influence its teachings. That which has been made lawful by Allah cannot be made unlawful by any person and vice versa.

The concept of Halal meat in Islam is often misunderstood by the general public in terms of what is prescribed in the Holy Qur’an. It is therefore imperative to understand the concept in its entirety in order that the teachings of the Holy Book are properly and dutifully observed. The details cannot be all covered in short articles such as this and hence people should study the subject thoroughly.

What kind of meat can be consumed from the supermarkets/grocery stores in New Zealand?

The only meat a muslim is allowed to consume from the supermarkets under the current situation is fish, as there are no Halal slaughtering requirements for it.

The Islamic term for Halal slaughtered animal is dhabihah, which has the following requirements under the Islamic Law:

Islam has prescribed these conditions in order to minimise the pain caused to the animal and to minimise the time it takes for it to die.

The Prophet (s.a.w.) has said that “when you slaughter the animal, slaughter it humanely, therefore you should sharpen your knife and relieve your dhabihah.”

In New Zealand there are many Halal meat outlets such as butcheries and so on, where people can obtain their regular and fresh supplies of Halal meat.

If Muslims wish to purchase their meat from supermarkets, they should look for products in sealed packaging that are certified by reputable Halal Conformity Bodies.