Halal Certification Process

FIANZ Halal Certification is a simple 14 steps process. Please follow the guide below

Step 1

  1. Fill in the Online Halal Application Form based on your Business Type and send it our way

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Step 2 - 4

  1. We will receive your Application and perfrom "Application Review"
  2. If the Application is complete we will go ahead and prepare the contract review and send you the certification proposal and Agreement
  3. After the agreement is accepted we will proceed with the job

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Step 5 - 10

  1. We will plan the audit as per our defined procedures
  2. Stage 1: Planning and document review either on-site or off-site. Off-Site includes; Ingredients Verification & Product Testing (If required)
  3. Audit Report findings: Closure of any Non-conformity (if any) or identification of any potential halal hazard
  4. Stage 2: On-Site-Verification We will Schedule an Audit (Site Inspection) and inform you about it. On Audit date, Audit will be conducted by FIANZ Halal Auditor
  5. FIANZ Halal Auditor will assess your Site / Products / Processes and record his findings in the Audit Report. If there is any Non-Conformance we will inform you about it to take proper corrective action and submit us CAR for re-evaluation
  6. An updated Halal Audit report will be compiled by Halal Auditor / Halal Islamic Affairs expert as per Product / Process / Site / Scientific & Shariah Analysis

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Step 11 - 14

  1. Halal Operations Manager will review the audit report for certification purpose
  2. Decision Committee will provide the Final Certification Decision
  3. A Halal Certificate is issued with a validaity date
  4. FIANZ Halal will perform Surveillance Audits as per the agreement for Certificate Validation

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